Monochloroacetic Acid CAS 79-11-8
Product Characteristics

Basic information

Chloroacetic acid, also known as monochloroacetic acid, is an organic compound with the chemical formula ClCH2COOH, and is an important organic chemical raw material.



Used in the Agro pesticide industry to manufacture glyphosate, herbicide, 2,4-D, naphthyl acetic acid, etc.;

Used to make pharmaceutical intermediates of barbiturates, vitamin B6, vitamin A, epinephrine,amino acid, etc.;

Used in the dyestuffs industry like indigo dyes, cationic dyes, disperse dyes, vat dyes, naphthalene amino acetic acid.

Used in the organic synthesis as an important raw material and intermediates to make acetic acid betaine (surfactant in shampoo, hair conditioner, etc.), mercaptoacetic acid, malonic acid, a cationic surfactant,softener, lime soap dispersing agent, cold wave lotion, detergents, chloracetyl chloride, etc.;

Used as the main raw material of producing carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC);




We can provide 25kg bag; 50kg bag; 800kg big bag; 1000kg big bag or as per customers' requirements

To ensure product quality, please store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environments.

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Guaranteed Specifications

Results Name of indexes Guaranteed Specification Guaranteed Specification
Appearance Colorless crystal Flakes White Crystalline Powder
Monochloroacetic Acid 99% Min. 98% Min.
Dichloroacetic Acid 0.5% Max. 0.5% Max.
Acetic Acid 0.02% Max. 0.5% Max.
Crystallizing Point 60 ℃ Min. 60 ℃ Min.

Product Overview

Product package

Warehousing & Transportation

The temperature should be lower than 30 ℃ to avoid decomposition and generation of harmful gases in high-temperature environments.The container should be made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as glass bottles, polyethylene plastic bottles, etc.Closed and dry, well ventilated, isolated from flammable and explosive materials to avoid accidents.

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Chloroacetic Acid - High Mountain Chem
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