CH4N2S Pharmaceutical Intermediates Thiourea
Product Characteristics
Other Name:Sulfocarbamide

CAS 62-56-6 Thiourea CH4N2S Pesticide Intermediates Agriculture Grade Food Grade Factory price of thiourea 99

Basic Information

Model Number : HMHT0010

Other Names : Thisothiourea

Molecular Formula: CH4N2S

Molecular Weight: 76.12

CAS NO.: 62-56-6

EINECS NO.: 200-543-5

UN NO.: 3077 or 2811

H.S. CODE NO.: 29309090.99

Purity: 99% min.

Transport/Storage Information

1. IMDG : Class 9 or Class 6.1
2. Packaging group : III
3. Storage : Stored in cool , dry and well-ventilated place


Used in pharmaceutical , photography , electroplating , textile .

Company Profile


Wuxi High Mountain Hi-tech Development Co., Ltd is a professional industrial company engaged in the production of special chemicals, technology research and development, as well as import and export activities. The company is dedicated to the production, trade, and research & development of a variety of chemical products.

Since its establishment, the company has focused on building an international marketing network and optimizing supply chain management. It has formed long-term strategic partnerships with numerous large enterprises both domestically and internationally. Leveraging its extensive business channels and professional experience, the company skillfully provides products of stable yet differentiated quality, accompanied by flexible, highly efficient, and considerate services, ensuring competitive pricing for its partners.

The company's managerial principle is to treat customers as partners with sincerity, specialization, and satisfaction. Backed by a dedicated technical team with over 20 years of deep knowledge and practical experience in chemicals and international trade, the company boasts rich expertise in product quality control, technical solutions, chemical logistics organization, packaging optimization, and port operations. This expertise underpins its first-class cost control management, ensuring a significant competitive advantage over others in the industry. Adhering to the principle of sharing preferential costs and joint development, the company has cultivated an interesting community with its domestic and international customers over the years. The company is sincerely committed to building a mutually trusting, cooperative, win-win, and value-added sustainable partnership, aiming to grow together with its partners.


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Guaranteed Specifications

Results Name of indexes

Guaranteed Specification


White Crystalline


99% Min.


35% Min.


40% Min.

Loss on heating

0.4% Max.


0.02% Max.


0.1% Max.

Melting point

171℃ Min.


0.02% Max.

Product Overview

Product package

Warehousing & Transportation

-Thiourea should be stored in a cool, dry, and well ventilated warehouse, away from ignition and heat sources.
-Thiourea should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, alkalis, and other substances to avoid mixed storage and transportation.
-Thiourea should be avoided from direct sunlight and humid environments to prevent moisture and deterioration.
-The packaging barrels or bags of thiourea should be placed on dry shelves to avoid contact with the ground and walls.
-The transportation of thiourea should comply with relevant laws and regulations to ensure safety and stability.
-Thiourea should be transported in specialized vehicles or separately from other hazardous materials to avoid mixed transportation and loading.
-During the transportation of thiourea, attention should be paid to moisture-proof, sunscreen, high-temperature resistance, and vibration resistance to ensure that the packaging is intact.
-During the transportation of thiourea, corresponding safety facilities and first aid measures should be equipped to handle unexpected situations in a timely manner.

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